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Whether you’re fixing up an old paint job or giving your walls a fresh coat of paint, call Powell & Son. Our crew paints interior and exterior walls, and we see each project through to the end. We’ll start by visiting your home and assessing your needs. We'll give you a free estimate and sit down to discuss any concerns you may have. You have complete creative control—we don’t pick the colors, but our crew is happy to discuss the best options for you.

Why not make painting a DIY project? We have a few reasons.

Why not make painting a DIY project? We have a few reasons.

Painting your own home can be fun, but there are many things that can go wrong. So why not leave it up to the professionals at Powell & Son? Our crew is experienced, and we use professional tools and methods. Here are a few things that could go wrong with a DIY painting project:

It might be more complicated than it seems.

  • You may need to prep the wall before applying paint. Our crew will apply the proper drywall compounds and primers.

It’s harder than it looks.



  • Painting large surfaces neatly can be a challenge. We use professional spray rigs to achieve clean, straight edges.

It could mean more work for you.



  • You might think you’ve finished, but then notice mistakes a week later. We get it right the first time, so you don’t have to worry.




Don’t take the chance. Make Powell & Son your choice for professional interior and exterior home painting in the Anacoco, Leesville, DeRidder, Merryville, and Alexandria, LA areas. Call today to receive a free estimate.